Luscombe 8E Modified” by Bill Larkins - CC BY-SA 2.0


The Legend lives on

Luscombe Aircraft Germany brings the Luscombe to Germany and Europe.

Discover and experience one of the most legendary aircraft of its epoch.

As the first moncoque all-metal aircraft in general aviation, the Luscombe has made history.

You can continue this story and add new chapters.

The Luscombe was designed in 1937 and its maiden flight took place in 1938.

A time when Howard Hughes circumnavigated the world in the Lockheed Electra,

the Boeing B17 was tested and the famous piston engine fighter aircraft learned to fly.

Don A. Luscombe worked for Monocoupe Aircraft until 1933 and designed different types of Monocoupe`s . 

In 1933 he left Monocoupe Aircraft and founded his own company, the Luscombe Airplane Development Company

in Kansas City, Missouri.

In 1937 the company moved to New Jersey, where work began on the most famous and successful model.

The Luscombe 8, later with different type designations and also known as "Luscombe Silvaire" 

First the Luscombe flew with opposed cylinder engines with 50 hp and covered wings.

Some Luscombes got a radial engines and they was called Luscombe Phantom. During the Second World War,

aviation aluminium was scarce and limited, which is why the covered wings were not replaced by

aluminium wings until the end of the war. Step by step also the engine power increased.

From the first model with 50 HP the Luscombe became 65 HP, later then 75 HP up to 90 HP.  

Since 1938 the Luscombe have been flying as certified aircraft with a take-off weight of up to approx.

800 kg or even more. There is also an "Unlimited" certification for limited aerobatics.

A total of about 6,500 Luscombe were built in the different versions over the decades.

By the way, sometimes the Luscombe is confused with the Cessna 120 or 140.

There is a certain similarity, only the Luscombe flew about 7-8 years before the first Cessna 140 was airborn.

Seen in this way, the Luscombe is the original, and this for 80 years.

Of course the Luscombes were in the first years far ahead of all other light aircraft in terms of flight performance

and even by today's standards the performance does not have to hide behind modern aircraft.

And so the same rules still apply for 80 years:

Thanks to the constant demand, the good reputation and the mature design, it was obvious to approve the

Luscombe as an LSA for the American market. John Dearden and Carol Winell founded the "Luscombe Silvaire Company"

and own the trademark rights and all production tools. They now also approved the Luscombe as an LSA for the USA

and continue to build the original aircraft with American engines.

Luscombe Silvaire LSA with O-235

And the history goes on

Flying an original 80 years old but new built vintage aircraft?

Flying a vintage aircraft at low maintenance costs?

Flying a vintage aircraft, but sitting dry, comfortable and side-by-side?

Flying a vintage aircraft at high cruising speed,  with long range and enough luggage space?

Everything can be done with the

"Luscombe Silvaire 8g" by Luscombe Aircraft Germany  

All the years before it was impossible, but now it comes true.

Thanks to the new European regulations for ultralight aircraft.

We are now building the Luscombe in Germany as a type-approved

Ultralight aircraft.

Of course without compromises, we build the original.

In original size, with original materials and processed with original

press and punching tools. Everything as it has been proven for 80 years.

No compromises, no copies 

and still valid: