The Luscombe as ultralight aircraft

In order that the Luscombe can be certified as an ultra-light aircraft, the

Luscombe's compliance with the  German building regulations was checked.

As a result some improvements had to be made.

With the original American piston engines, the Luscombe would be too heavy for the new

600 kg regulations . Therefore, a new, weight reduced engine had to be chosen.

However, as far as possible no compromises should be made in the engine performance. 

Downsized engines would not fit to the character and sound of a vintage aircraft.

That's why we choose the engines from D-Motor.

There are two alternatives engines: 


LF26 with 2.7 ltr displacement and 93 hp as four cylinder engine

or the

LF39 with 4 ltr displacement and 128 HP as six cylinder engine


 A further improvement is the installation of a mandatory

Ballistic Rescue System. Must be and you should not fly without it.


And the installation of the safety belts has to be improved and redesigned.

Already existing installations of the safety belts in

old Luscombes don't comply with building regulations.


Of course, radios and transponders also have to comply with the latest

according to the regulations.


But the airplane with airframe, wings, landing gear, tail units, etc.

will still be built absolutely original.

And this also applies to the ultralight Luscombe:



Standard equipment

- Entire aircraft of aeronautical aluminum, polished exterior with plain decor - 

- manual flaps - dual control sticks- central throttle -

- Tip brakes - Central trim crank - Opening windows, can also be used in flight -

- storage compartments - upholstery covers and claddings - 

- Standard instruments - Radio ATR 833 - Transponder TRT 800 - Antennas -

- Cycling shoes - two wing tanks with together approx. 110 ltr -


- Large luggage compartment - Safety belts - Ballistic Rescue system - 

Datas and Performance

Wingspan  10,67 m (35ft)

Wing area  13 m² (140ft²)

Length  6,70 m (22ft)

Height  2,14 m  (7 ft)

Empty weight 350 kg bis 385 kg  (770 lbs - 847 lbs)

MTOM  600 kg  ( 1.320 lbs)

Landing distance  152 m (500 ft)

Takeoff distance  183 m (600 ft)

Max. rate of climb  4,5 m/sec  (900 ft/min)

Stall speed  70 km/h  (38 kn)

Cruise speed  195 Km/h - 205 km/h  (105 kn - 110 kn)

Maximum speed  233 km/h  126 kn

Tank  113,5 Ltr  (30 gal)

Flighttime (without reserve)  6:45 Std

Cabine width  99,5 cm  (39 inch)